Monday, 22 June 2015

Henry's Elephant

One of my lovely friends had her second child recently, an adorable little boy called Henry. So to celebrate his arrival to the world I made him a little toy. After discussions with his Godmother it was decided that instead of a teddy bear, this little fellow should get an Elephant!

So I did some pattern searching, as coming up with an Elephant design off the top of my head was a bit of a stretch for my mental capacity at the time! But I'm so glad I did as I managed to find a really lovely pattern on Pinterest. I can't find the original author of the pattern in order to give them the credit but I found it on a website called

Again, I made a few amendments to the pattern - I like to make things my own - and apparently both mother and baby were really happy with the outcome!

So meet Henry's Elephant!


One added extra I decided to give Henry's Elephant was a dapper little bow tie. I think it makes him look very smart, and what better for a little baby boy.



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