Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Recent Projects

I thought I’d show you a selection of a few projects I’ve finished recently.

Baby Bear

My cousin and her husband are currently expecting their second child and she’s due in February. They’ve found out they’re expecting a girl so I thought I’d make the new addition to the family something as a welcome to the world present.

I decided to make a little teddy bear based on a pattern by Ilaria Claliri in the Amigurumi Winter Wonderland book by Amigurumi Patterns (a really good resource for patterns, but be aware most are in American format). I changed the pattern slightly for the jumper as I was working with snuggly chunky baby wool. So I didn’t do quite so many stiches per row. I also made the ears bigger, as having an extra row of 14 double crouchet allowed me to fix a little purple bow to one of them.

I chose the pale yellow colour for the jumper as, even though they found out it’s going to be a girl I still wanted the bear to be loved if there was any sudden surprises come February.

So here’s my little baby bear and a link to AmigurumiPatterns where you can buy the book if you fancy making your own little bear.


Whilst I was making New Little Baby a present I suddenly thought about how her new Big sister was going to feel. I remember what it was like to become a big sister and suddenly have this new little person in the family, but there’s going to be a bigger age gap between Carys and her new baby sister. So I thought I’d treat her to a little present as well from one big sister to another.

Carys is a proper girly girl and really into her My Little Ponies and unicorns. So I’d seen quite a few images of amigurumi unicorns on Pinterest and decided to give it a go. I used this pattern by Rachel at Little Yarn Friends as inspiration, but made some slight adjustments to the head, body and tail. 

For any of you who have seen Despicable Me you’ll probably notice that I was slightly inspired by Agnes’ Unicorn for the colour scheme. White, pink and yellow.

And here’s the finished product. It was a lot harder to sew all the pieces together on this project tan others I’ve done in the past; it required a lot of pins to hold things in place. But I’m really pleased with how it’s turned out, especially the mane and the tail.

Buy yourself a unicorn here.



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