Tuesday, 27 January 2015


I was asked last week if I could do another commission for someone; a "loveable, funky stegosaurus"! It's been a bit of a challenge making this one, but I'm quite pleased with the final outcome.

Everything started well... I managed to get a design for the head that I was really happy with within a couple of minutes, but when it came to the body it got a bit more difficult. I drew a profile image of how I ideally wanted the dinosaur to look - I find this really helps me keep to a shape, especially for a large part.

My first attempt at the body was a tad immature. I increased to rapidly in certain areas resulting in a waved edge. I then decided to seek some help and found a pattern for a stegosaurus via Pinterest. The pattern by The Button Ship made a really sweet stegosaurus, but it was almost a bit too realistic for what I'd been asked to do. However, I had a go to see if I could adapt it in anyway but the result just didn't look right. But if you're looking for a more life like pattern, I'd highly recommend this one!

But eventually it appeared to be third time lucky and suddenly, I just cracked it. My mind must have been in the right place and I just seemed to make all the right stitches in the right order! The head, body and tail are all made in one with the legs and the spikes being the only parts made separately. I decided to make the back legs slightly chunkier than the front ones which I feel adds a bit more character. And the spikes descend in size the closer they get to the tail.

So here he is, my little Stegosaurus. I hope you like him. And if you'd like a loveable Stegosaurus of your own then please feel free to have a look at my Etsy shop.

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