Sunday, 26 April 2015

Oh, To Travel the World.

One of my friends is lucky enough to be embarking on a round the world trip of a lifetime soon. As much as I'll miss her while she's away, I hope she will have the time of her life and embrace everything the trip throws at her!

Although, from my experience of travelling, something always happens that you weren't quite expecting...What with getting quarantined in China because of the Swine Flu pandemic, and loosing my luggage on a trip to Paris, I know my fair share about travelling mishaps.Therefore I thought I'd make my friend something to try and keep all those important essentials safe and sound during her adventure.

Somewhere to keep your passport, your tickets and even your sunnies is a vital accessory when travelling, but you don't need to be travelling round the world to have one. It could just be a nice handy accessory to keep your handbag that little bit more organised!

I developed the pattern from a free 'coin purse' pattern I got from a crochet magazine and just enlarged it to make a longer rectangle and a bigger flap. I chose quite muted colours on purpose. Mainly because my friend likes these sorts of colour combinations, but also because I thought they'd be a bit more practical on a journey like hers.

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